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Workplace Behaviors

Sustainable Growth Through Aligning Team Workplace Behaviors

We build high performing teams and healthy company cultures.  Our clients hire us to facilitate professional development workshops, consult on people strategies and coach leaders one on one.


Professional development programs and coaching increase employee engagement and ensure the effective deployment of company culture initiatives. 

Possibilities open up when modern organizations are built for human growth instead of using industrial age models. Organizations are living systems evolving through collective intelligence, collaborative efforts, and human potential. 

The unique approach of Align helps organizations develop into life-giving and purposeful businesses that sustain business growth year over year.

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Our Approach to Sustainable Growth

The key to enhancing organizational structures from hierarchical, bureaucratic pyramids to agile workplaces requires innovative management practices.   Our approach develops necessary skills within your team to drive sustained growth with programs designed for leadership development, management, agility, and productive conflict.


Organizations often encourage people to perform as a “professional self” rather than empowering individuals to express all of who they are in the workplace. In contrast, we empower organizational leaders and their teams to communicate authentically through appreciative inquiry and productive conflict.  These approaches encourage deep employee engagement and high performance because team members remain connected to the essential parts that make them human. As a result, we see more inclusive company cultures and leadership teams, as well as management practices such as performance reviews that improve performance and drive engagement.

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