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Who We Are

Experienced Executives, Social Scientists, Academic and Functional Experts

We approach each project with the intent to deeply understand our clients and co-create a path forward.  Unlike traditional approaches, we do not seek to fix problems and create dependency on our support. Instead, we strive to generate pathways for organizations, leaders, and their teams to self-sustain long-term growth.


Liz Ashley


Liz Ashley brings extensive experience leading culture initiatives and implementing leadership programs that align leaders and engage teams. Liz has held faculty positions and executive leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies including Estee Lauder Companies, Tempur-Pedic and Amazon.  Her industrial expertise ranges from consumer goods and construction to technology services and higher education.

Liz is passionate about projects that support female leadership, high-performance and effective communication in the workplace. Liz holds a master's degree from the University of Virginia along with certifications and training in coaching, behavioral assessments, communications, yoga, and mindfulness.

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Why We Are Different

Possibilities open up when modern organizations are built for human growth instead of using industrial age models. Organizations are living systems evolving through collective intelligence, collaborative efforts, and human potential. The unique approach of Align Workplace Behaviors helps organizations develop into life-giving and purposeful businesses.   

Furthermore, it is a joy to work with people we like and admire for their work contributions, research, and energy.  For this reason, our team works together to improve the workplace, for ourselves, our clients, and our vision of the future.

New Hires

Sustainable Growth

The key to enhancing organizational structures from hierarchical, bureaucratic pyramids to agile collective intelligence systems requires innovative, sustainable management practices. 


The Align Workplace Behaviors’ approach develops necessary skills within your team to drive sustained growth.  Existing and emerging leaders arise with leadership development, management, agility, and productive conflict skills to impact your organization far beyond our contractual engagement.

Integrated Cohesion for Authentic Engagement

Organizations often encourage people to show up as a “professional self” rather than empowering individuals to express all of who they are in the workplace. In contrast, we empower organizational leaders and their teams to communicate authentically through non-violent communication and appreciative inquiry. These approaches encourage deep employee engagement because team members remain connected to the essential parts that make them human. As a result, we see more inclusive cultures, productive meetings, and management practices such as performance reviews that deepen connections and drive engagement.

Image by Jason Goodman
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