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How to Prevent Voluntary Resignation

If you are an organizational leader, preventing voluntary resignation is on the top of your mind. News and social media have coined “the great resignation.” An increasing number of employees leave their full-time jobs but still need to maintain their income. They now

· work part-time

· work from home

· start a business

· bounce between employers

Voluntary resignation occurs for various reasons, and leaders are considering strategies to keep employees engaged.

The overarching criticism that leaders don’t value their employees, demand long hours, and create stressful work environments highlights the problem. However, leaders face a significant business challenge while navigating the high demand and low supply of engaged employees.

Align Workplace Behaviors – Preventing Voluntary Resignation

In many organizations, ineffective management practices and dysfunctional workplace dynamics do exist. The demand for labor has spotlighted these concerns. Many organizational leaders are making changes to improve the workplace, develop management skills, and work with firms like Align to align team behaviors to business goals.

The Align Workplace Behaviors approach uses facilitated meetings and training programs on management, leadership, productive conflict, and workplace communication to

· create cohesive leadership teams

· increase employee engagement

· help leaders roll-out culture initiatives

High Performing Employees

The labor demand has put organizational leaders in a challenging position. Holding employees accountable to high performance means squeezing the diminishing supply of engaged employees. So, how do corporate leaders achieve results with fewer employees while also maintaining development programs, benefits, and training that value and engage their teams?

As many leaders know, high-performing employees drive revenue, supporting such programs. Yet, everyday leaders face the reality that every employee is not a high performer. But average or underperforming employees may be better than no employee or an open position with few qualified candidates to consider.

At Align, we work with organizational leaders to build a talent pipeline with effective performance management practices and strategic recruiting to forecast voluntary and involuntary resignations from the present to two years out. We prioritize the development of high potential and high-performing team members and incentivize performance over tenure.

Align utilizes Everything DiSC training solutions, assessment tools, and online training platforms to engage employees in professional development that extends beyond the workplace and improves personal relationships. We facilitate strategic meetings that encourage collaboration and build collective intelligence, commitment, and accountability. We take a unique approach based on human growth instead of industrial age models.

As a result, agile organizations built on innovative, sustainable management practices lead our clients to sustained business growth, engaged employees, and high performance.

If you’re an organizational leader navigating the challenges of employee turnover, performance, and engagement, we can help you align your team’s behaviors to business goals. For more information, reach us at

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